The origins of Slapdash go back 2.6 million years, when our hominid ancestors first made tools.

Slapdash is a new type of tool that makes modern computer work less tedious and more fun. It's just one neat trick: we make your workflow insanely fast.

We are a distributed company with people based in San Francisco, Toronto & London. Send us an email or find us on Twitter to say hello.

Our Investors

Nice folks who want to see us do well.

Slapdash raises $3.7M to ship Command Bar

TechCrunch • March 18, 2021

Join Us

At Slapdash, the ideal workplace collaboration feels like jazz: creative, improvisational and yet intentional.

We aspire to build fast, humane software that's fun to use. It turns out that involves solving some hard engineering & design problems.

If you're into that, reach out to us to join our ensemble.

Software Engineer, Infrastructure

Build scalable, low-latency infrastructure

Software Engineer, Product

Build magical product experiences

Partner Engineer

Make Slapdash a hit with our partners and customers