We have some exciting news to share: Slapdash has been acquired by ClickUp.

Why did we do this?

When we set out to build Slapdash, our goal was to transform the way people work. We built a unique technology and invented new ways to make work less tedious and more fun.

Our goal from the start was to unify work and save people time, which neatly aligns with ClickUp's core mission.

We knew that if we joined forces, we could bring our shared vision to life faster.

What does this mean for you?

For now, not much will change. You’ll be able to continue to use Slapdash and we’ll continue to support it.

Our roadmap is rich with new integrations, a deeper feature set, and of course, continued support for all your favorite apps.

changelog-bug-fixes-performance improvements.png
Under the hood, we released the next-generation engine to index your cloud applications. It'll be critical to help us scale and take a big leap in our feature set. But in the meantime, we've released an assortment of fixes & polish improvements to make Slapdash just a bit better than it was yesterday.

  • Improved Zoom link detection
  • Better support for busy calendars
  • Support for editing tags for ClickUp issues
  • More visible "today" selector in calendar
  • Reliability improvements to Chrome Command Bar
  • Improved icon system for app filters

changelog-app-features 1.jpg

While we're building big new stuff, we always take the time to implement the feedback of the lovely people that use Slapdash. This release is a collection of improvements prompted by those that wrote in. Enjoy!

  • Search ranking improvements
  • Improved scanability of Commands in Command Bar
  • Support for "Assignee" field for Salesforce tasks
  • Connect Linear with OAuth (instead of API key)
  • Improvements to built-in calculator
  • Improved DocuSign indexing


Most of the magic on Slapdash starts when you connect an application. Slapdash has changed a lot since we introduced the current app connection experience, and so we decided to give it a makeover.

We eliminated a lot of unnecessary options, so there is less decisions to make before you connect an app. We also took the time to tell more of the story of what you can do once you connect an application.

Go to Apps to give it whirl.


Slapdash is built under the assumption that everyone works a bit differently. We don't mind which apps you use, we'll just bring them all together and make your experience with your apps more powerful. And when our default experience doesn't quite match-up to people's workflows, we are always keen to be let people customize Slapdash to fit their needs.

One area where people have a lot of preference is around the browser they use. Some people like to keep certain apps in certain browsers; others might prefer to open something in the desktop app if it's available.

Now, in the Slapdash desktop app, you can choose which browser Slapdash uses to open things by default. Go to Settings > Preferences and you'll find a new Open Preferences panel.

If you want to control how a specific app behaves, you can do that too. Just go to the app you want to customize in Apps > Connected to see the available options.

changelog-bug-fixes-performance improvements.png

Under the hood, every Slapdash release is packed with engineering feats that allow us to continue building new features and improvements to make using the app feel magical. This release is no different. You might not see the difference—but you'll definitely feel it.

We're setting the stage for a big 2022. Stay tuned.


If you have a team workspace, you'll now be able to discover other teams that have been created in that workspace. And if you see a team that you'd like to be a part of, you can just hit "Join Team" to get access to all the commands and spaces for that team.


As 2021 comes to a close, we're taking inventory and giving things some well deserved holiday polish. This release includes infrastructure improvements & design refinements across the product.

For people with multiple workspaces, you'll be able to more clearly see which account you're logged in with before creating/joining a new one. Getting invited to join a workspace should also now work seamlessly with no need to re-login inside the desktop app. Just in case you want to clean house before the new year, deleting a workspace is now a cinch.

Just in time for the holidays — you can now search your Chrome bookmarks directly through the Command Bar without needing to run the Show Chrome Bookmarks command. Simply start typing in the Command Bar and you'll automatically see your bookmarks appear in the list of results when there's a match.

You'll need the latest Slapdash Chrome extension for bookmark search to work.


We improved the ClickUp integration for a better search experience. Any changes to your tasks in ClickUp should now show up in your Slapdash in real-time. Your docs will also now start showing up in Slapdash, although at the moment we only index the title and not the content of the doc.

Under the hood the overall search ranking has also been updated for improved relevance. Objects you open frequently from Slapdash will now get a ranking boost.