Changing your Slapdash theme is like putting on a new outfit. If Notion was an outfit, it'd probably be something like a black turtleneck by Issey Miyake.

Now you can feel fashionable without spending $400 on a turtleneck by changing your theme to Notion. It's a light and dark theme based on Notion's color system.

Run Change Theme for your new fit.


There is now a new Notion command - Add to Notion Page - that lets you append to any of your pages directly from the Command Bar. We also added support for markdown for a more capable writing experience.

You can run the command directly, or you can just Tab on any Notion page and look for the Add to this Notion Page option.


One of the things we try to avoid is "modes". A mode in software usually forces a person to have to perform a task in a certain order. For example, before you can change a file with vim, you first have to enter into "edit mode". You can't just start typing like you would in a traditional document.

One example of things that function like modes in Slapdash is some of our lightweight search commands. For example, to search StackOverflow, you first have to run the "Search StackOverflow" command before you enter your keywords.

With the introduction of the Slash Modifier, you can now just type your keywords, then type / to select from operations that you can send your input too. You can just as easily select Search Slack Messages or Search StackOverflow. The advantage is that you can start with your intent (keywords) and then refine your intent by passing it to a command.

The slash modifier also now works with commands that create things. For example, if you have keywords entered and type / and choose Create New Github Issue, your input will automatically populate itself as the issue title.


We've continued to improve the Notion integration, with extra attention to the Add to Notion Database command. If you use Notion for things like project management, you're going to love creating issues with the Command Bar.

You can run the command directly with Add to Notion Database. Or, you can just Tab on a search result and choose Add to this Notion Database.

To move even faster you can create a dedicated Template command, that will pre-fill any fields you tend to re-enter.


When we first released our Notion integration, there wasn't an Official API™️, so we relied on your browser cookies to piece together the functionality. The setup was arduous and the final experience was not as reliable as the other apps we support.

Thankfully, Notion now has an API we can use to deliver a more suitable experience. Connecting to Notion now uses OAuth, which makes it much faster to connect and also makes the connection to Slapdash more secure.

After we connect and sync Notion, your pages and databases will be available alongside your other apps in our low-latency search. Your Notion content will also automatically open in the Notion desktop app if you have it installed.

The new Notion integration also gives you access to a new command - Add to Notion Database - which lets you quickly populate any Notion database from the Command Bar. This functionality is so fun and powerful it merits its own post.

For people that used our previous integration, all you'll have to do is hit the "Reconnect" button and you'll be prompted to re-connect the app with OAuth.

The updated integration does have limitations, but we're working with the helpful folks at Notion to fill in any API and functionality gaps.


At the bottom of the Command Bar you'll find a new interactive section we've internally been calling the "chin". Because the Command Bar is designed as primarily a keyboard-driven interface, a lot of the available functionality is a bit hidden. For example, how does someone learn the shortcut for going back in the Command Bar?

The new UI adds additional structure to the Command Bar that makes functionality easier to learn and discover. You'll find buttons for navigating history, an area for extra keyboard hints to show up and a "settings" button to discover extra operations for the view you're on.


Now you can go back and forward in time with the Command Bar. This is helpful to re-run a search, command or go back to the previous math calculation.

We matched the keybindings to what we use in the main window and what browsers use for forward and back. Just type ⌘ [ to go back, and ⌘ ] to go forward. If you're on Windows or Linux, use Alt + Left and Alt + Right instead.

Because you move to a new location with Tab in the Command Bar, we also made it so that the reverse Shift Tab reverses the movement. Doing so is functionality equivalent to going back.


There’s fast—and then there’s faster. You’ll notice a dramatic speed improvement pasting from the Command Bar with this update. So whether you’re pasting text snippets from our clipboard commands or reaching for your Calendly meeting room links, you’ll be able to drop them in without feeling any latency.

As a bonus, we've also extended paste support for Windows.


We built the Command Bar to be the fastest interface in the world. To unlock functionality, just connect some apps. But what about the apps we don't support? Or, apps we can't possibly support, such as your company tools?

To that end, we are opening up and open sourcing our development platform, letting anyone build insanely fast, shareable workflows.

To get started, visit the developer site for documentation or peruse some community commands that you can one-click install for inspiration.

SOC2 Compliant

Slapdash is architected with security and privacy in mind, but protecting customer data is not just confined to code. Equally important are the company processes: from the way we hire, to the tools we use, to the way we monitor and enforce our security standards.

With that in mind, we recently went through an intensive security audit to confirm that the way we work and the way Slapdash is built adheres to the highest standards. As a result of the audit, we are now officially SOC2 Type I compliant.

This is just one checkpoint on our journey to build humane software that people can trust.