The Chrome integration generally makes Slapdash more capable. For example, we'll re-use your browser tabs to open things, so you don't have to wait for things to load anew. Also, when you paste a URL inside a space, the Chrome extension is used to help get the right title for the page to save you on some data entry. We also use it for recommending which other apps you might want to install.

It is also just like any another app integration we have: you connect it and get new commands and functionality. Connect Chrome and managing its functionality is now just like every other app you connect to Slapdash. Chrome will appear in your "Connected" apps, show up on the home page, and the commands it adds to Slapdash will be visible alongside your other commands. You'll also be able to turn-on/turn-off the features as it suits you.

One way in which Chrome remains special is that no data from your Chrome gets sent to Slapdash servers. The integration is done by our application or web app speaking to our Chrome extension directly.