When we first released our Notion integration, there wasn't an Official API™️, so we relied on your browser cookies to piece together the functionality. The setup was arduous and the final experience was not as reliable as the other apps we support.

Thankfully, Notion now has an API we can use to deliver a more suitable experience. Connecting to Notion now uses OAuth, which makes it much faster to connect and also makes the connection to Slapdash more secure.

After we connect and sync Notion, your pages and databases will be available alongside your other apps in our low-latency search. Your Notion content will also automatically open in the Notion desktop app if you have it installed.

The new Notion integration also gives you access to a new command - Add to Notion Database - which lets you quickly populate any Notion database from the Command Bar. This functionality is so fun and powerful it merits its own post.

For people that used our previous integration, all you'll have to do is hit the "Reconnect" button and you'll be prompted to re-connect the app with OAuth.

The updated integration does have limitations, but we're working with the helpful folks at Notion to fill in any API and functionality gaps.