One of the things we try to avoid is "modes". A mode in software usually forces a person to have to perform a task in a certain order. For example, before you can change a file with vim, you first have to enter into "edit mode". You can't just start typing like you would in a traditional document.

One example of things that function like modes in Slapdash is some of our lightweight search commands. For example, to search StackOverflow, you first have to run the "Search StackOverflow" command before you enter your keywords.

With the introduction of the Slash Modifier, you can now just type your keywords, then type / to select from operations that you can send your input too. You can just as easily select Search Slack Messages or Search StackOverflow. The advantage is that you can start with your intent (keywords) and then refine your intent by passing it to a command.

The slash modifier also now works with commands that create things. For example, if you have keywords entered and type / and choose Create New Github Issue, your input will automatically populate itself as the issue title.