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Community Commands
Language: All
Category: All
Call Zapier with Input
Configurable command to call a Zap webhook and pass data
Convert Hex Color to Tailwind Preset
Command to convert hex color to Tailwind preset
Convert Opacity to Hex
Converts CSS opacity in percent to its hex value.
Github Stars
Search across Github Repositories that you have starred before
Hacker News Front Page
Scan through the Hacker News front page and jump to posts or comments.
Parse User-Agent
Parse a User-Agent string by pasting it into the Command Bar.
RSS Feed
Quickly search and explore any RSS Feed
Search Chakra UI Docs
Search through Chakra UI documentation
Search Clerk Docs
Command to search through Clerk documentation and open them in your browser.
Search Emojis
Search through emojis and paste them to current applciation
Search Honeycomb Boards
Quickly jump to your team's Honeycomb Boards
Search Iconfinder
Search for icons from Iconfinder and copy & paste them directly to other apps.
Search NPM
Quickly search node packages on NPM
Search Next.js Docs
Command to search through Next.js documentation and open them in your browser.
Search Slapdash Platform Docs
Search through Slapdash Platform documentation
Search Supabase Docs
Quickly search through Supabase documentation
Search Tailwind CSS Docs
Command to search through Tailwind CSS documentation and open them in your browser.
Search Unsplash
Search free high-quality photos from Unsplash
Show Current UNIX Timestamp
Quickly see or copy the current UNIX timestamp
Vercel Projects
Quickly search & jump to a Vercel project.