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Slapdash brings all your apps together in one place to give you new superpowers.
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Fast, powerful cloud app search

Shockingly Fast

The Command Bar, with our low-latency search is the fastest way to find anything.

Powerful Filters

Turn your cloud apps into a database you can slice, dice & visualize.

Visualize & Save

Save searches to track work-streams, build inboxes or whatever you imagine.

Secure by Default

Your data is encrypted, isolated and not even visible to us.

Make it your own

Add your logo, choose the color theme or design your own to make Slapdash yours.

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Fun for the whole team

Level up your whole team with unified search. Then, move faster with shared commands and spaces.

Team App Directory

Document what apps your team uses to get things done.

Team Commands

Commands are shared workflows that help your team move fast.

Team Spaces

Build dashboards, follow work streams, or just add to your team's knowledge graph.

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